Innovation Workshops


At Innovation Labs Asia, we offer proven programs for every step in the innovation journey. Each is targetted so everyone can get the attention they need with the aim of building capabilities to innovate. Which question can we help you answer? 

What is stopping us from being more Innovative?

The Innovation Imperative

Half Day Practical

  • Focuses on the barriers to innovation, overcoming barriers and fears, and setting a path to success

  • Lead a culture of innovation from Senior Executives through Customer Service
  • Holistic assessment on your company’s current situation and work on innovation coaching and planning

Identified action plans to starting the organisations innovation journey

We are innovating! Where do we want to go from here ?

The Innovation Context

Setting Strategic Context

  • Investigation into marrying the current state of your organisation to its’ aspirational state post an innovative transformation
  • Answering key questions on market ambition, future success, to drive immediate priorities
  • Analysis of key technology threats and opportunities

Industry and organisation focus strategic options report. Covering key trends, opportunities, threats and key priorities.


How do we develop ideas?

The Innovation Practitioner

Three Day Innovation Base Training

  • Practical exposure in experiential processes of idea development
  • Foundational skills of a lean enterprise, self-driven application and experimentation of their ideas
  • Exposure to customer centric ideation, hypothesis formation, enabling strategic options and persona inquiry

Established knowledge base to drive innovation culture transformation and alignment. A common library of tools, technique and terminology to drive synergy in teams

Should we build this?

Innovation Bootcamp

Five Day Idea Bootcamp

  • Team based practical application of lean enterprise methods to ideas or challenges, coached by global leaders
  • Design and execution of real-world experiments to develop measured value across multiple innovative ideas. Learning to interrupt market trends and data to refine innovation hypothises
  • Define and refine value understanding, market demand and proposition as an option in a portfolio of strategic options
  • Develop and refine idea valuation model for tracking idea growth, investment and market fit

Measure before you build.Measured market demand for known ideas or challenges, establishing objective approach to idea value creation and future potential.

Can we build on this idea?

Innovation Accelerator

Structured Proof of Concept Journey

  • Twelve week program of intensive exposure that focuses on proof of concept to an idea. Modelled off the accelerators that have driven startup success
  • Participants will go through a structured learning on innovation management, growth strategy and thought leadership
  • Experience in rapid prototyping, integration and acceptance testing
  • Participants must have completed Innovation BootCamp to enter this program
  • Customisable seminars delivered and designed by trusted professionals

Clear development of idea concept, answering the questions of commercial value, strategic fit, technology requirements, market demand, consumer profiling and business model.