You might want to ditch Twitter

I wanted to share with you all something really interesting that I've been experiencing over the last couple of months. Back about six months ago, I hired an awesome virtual assistant out of the UK and it's changed my world. One of the biggest contributions he's made so far has been the creation of an amazing command center, giving me complete control over my digital world. We use a platform called Cyfe which goes through everything from Google analytics to my Twitter traffic, my blog traffic, my rankings on Amazon and so on.

Cyfe gave me an amazing insight to where things were working and where they were not working. Uncovering some key insights that became evident over a period of time. Despite me having strong fantastic strategies for engaging and growing a following and audience on Twitter, it just wasn't converting to my revenue-generating activities around coaching, consulting and speaking. More often than not, in fact, very few people on my Twitter following would even click through to my content on my blog, which is a key enabler of who I am as a thought leader.

Cyfe Dashboard

I played around with a couple of experiments in the last couple of weeks and found that by actually executing content on different platforms, I was getting stronger responses and higher conversion. Key platforms that performed included SlideShare, and YouTube. In the recent weeks for me on SlideShare, I shared my Mobile Ready keynote slides from the AdTech ASEAN event and then a follow-up with Brands Succeeding in Mobile, encouraging audience to check them out on SlideShare.

Both the slide decks have seen staggering numbers. In the first one, I got nearly 16,000 views in a short period of about five or six days and it was featured on the front page of SlideShare. But the part that blew me away was a huge number, like 10% of all people that viewed that SlideShare deck, clicked through to my blog and a significant portion of those signed up for my mailing list. Now I have my engaged community.

What am I trying to tell you here is that basically,  and unfortunately, Twitter has not been fantastic for me in terms of converting an engaged audience. As a result, I've started downscaling my efforts, even though I had a fantastic methodology for building a following, getting retweets and leveraging trending keywords against hashtags. It's just not working in terms of putting money to my revenue funnel. So I'll be focusing other platforms and experiments.

The key point I want you to take away is spend the time to look at the numbers in your funnels, paying close attention to your trends over time, run experiments and understand where you're getting traction that links directly to your revenue or asset value. It's been a fantastic journey for me, and I'm not about to drop off Twitter completely. But you'll probably notice over the next couple of months, my Twitter following may decline, or decrease in engagement because I'm not investing the same amount of time going forward. Simply because I've found attraction for other platforms. I still encourage you to Tweet to me, to Tweet at me, to mention my content and share with me. Let me know your issues in the digital world.

Everyone's digital journey is different

Share with my your stories of conversion, analytics and platform comparison. The best stories will be included in my next book on Digital Influence strategies.

Thoughts on Twitter's future? Let's chat!