What Drives You?

Motivation is an interesting thing. It can uncover one’s true character, and it often unlocks key insights that can drive disruptive innovation. A deep passion for solving a problem, often lies at the core of a founders motivation. Some people chase money, some power; some even have the courage to pursue a dream of changing the world. Whatever it is, its unique to the individual. A part of what defines them.

Over the past decade I’ve been fortunate enough to get a series of opportunities that allowed me to pursue a path of innovation, disruption and reshape the financial services industry. My time in Cambodia, working with a handful of awesome people to build Wing Money was the catalyst for an exciting journey that continued at Fundamo, Moven and Next Bank, all ventures that have impacted the future direction of financial services globally.

Over the past year, I’ve had the headspace and opportunity to publish Mobile Ready, and work with some amazing clients developing innovation capabilities. Looming in the background was always the question ‘What’s next?’

I’m driven by curiosity, always digging deeper for motive, new perspectives and not shy about challenging the status quo. So when given a chance to shift my focus to a new domain, I was ‘curious’.

A series of discussions with an individual I highly respect resulted to an opportunity I could not ignore. Many would have heard me regularly highlight the industries that face immediate disruption threats; Financial Services, Education and Insurance. With the ever-increasing progress towards the commoditization of intelligence, industries are faced with the real demand to evolve. To re-think their core business models, operating models and value proposition.

So it excites me to share, that I will make the leap from financial services to insurance. Joining MetLife to drive the establishment of a global innovation center tasked with the exciting mission of redefining the future of the industry. While I can’t share with you all the details of our ambitions, I can share that we look to redefine key themes from the ground up. Themes that can bring to life the value insurance places in our lives.

Insurance is a business based on managing the future financial risk of an unknown event, whether is health, assets, events, etc. With accelerated digital enablement, and the advancement of industries like medical sciences, we edge closer to health moving from an unknown, to a proactively managed likely events. Imagine how this could change the nature of the entire industry.

I want to be a part of defining that future.

I’m like a little kid on Christmas, super excited to throw myself into an industry ripe with opportunity.

Of course, a decision like this doesn’t come likely. One has to ensure the right culture, capability and commitment to embrace the transformational properties of innovation.

One statement from a regional executive stood out; “banks make money when customers are unhealthy, insurers on the other hand make money when the client remains healthy”

You can’t imagine how satisfying it is to hear such a customer centric statement. Sealing the deal.

Time to get to work. Luckily we have Snoopy on the team.