Welcome to Money Mesh

Red Carpet Times are changing, and the time for me to bring myself into the new era of publishing is upon us. Over the past few months I have thought long and hard about the appropriate way to establish a platform on which I can express my thoughts, insights and outlook as the industry moves forward. Which lead me to the desire to build a platform for ideas, a platform that would be larger than just myself. A platform that would be open to contributions from the world's leading minds. That platform is Money Mesh.

The technological, social and cultural developments over the past 10 years have accelerated the global rate of innovation. Today, we are witnessing the seismic demographic shift from a traditional and passive media consumer group to an empowered and anytime-anywhere generation of knowledge creators and community builders.

Recent events have shown that social networks possess the power to enrich everyday encounters and enable political upheavals. Mobile devices have facilitated the anywhere-anytime approach to and availability of services, while extending the reach of the financial ecosystem.

Money Mesh seeks to speak in the midst of these changes and aims to explore the ongoing evolution of how our dynamic human network lives with its money. This blog/forum/platform will provide timely discussions on themes such as technology innovation, social networks, security, regulation, mobility culture shifts and behavioural change in an increasingly mobile and connected world.

I hope to not only share my experiences and insights on these developments and trends, but also initiate a continuing dialogue with thought-leaders, visionaries and innovators who share my passion for making money more mobile and accessible for everyone.

For those who have followed my publishing over the years, I thank you all for your support, the joinery continues at Money Mesh (www.money-mesh.com)