Top Digital Trends for 2016

It’s a new year and this means a new opportunity for digital tools to flourish within the corporate industry. I’ve checked out and listed down trends that will likely to stand out this year:

1.       Mobile, and on the go


Ever since smartphones have been made cheaper and more accessible to the public, everything can now be done at your fingertips. Even Google says more searches are done thru mobile gadgets versus desktops. And undoubtedly this year, mobile apps and sites will be continuously crucial for corporate businesses, allowing people to do work even when they’re out office. I'd expect to see a tidal wave of business adopt productivity apps for customer service, sales, workflow and field operations, a trend we started to see in field maintenance in 2015.

2.       Cloud Tools

Mobility should come with inter-connectivity, and these are what cloud tools allow businesses to have.  In addition to this, "[m]ore businesses are choosing managed cloud-service providers to maintain the underlying technology, deal with the headaches, and address maintenance schedules," said Scott Whitright, Senior Product Marketing Manager for the Public Cloud at Rackspace. "This lets business owners focus on their customers and growing their businesses." [1]. My clients over the past year have grown appetite and willingness to run 'bi-modal' technology strategies, granting freedom of the 'cutting edge' teams to be cloud first.

3.       Google Adwords

With everyone trying to be online, how do you get your business found? This is where Google Adwords can help your business. This Google service lets your business be visible when and where it matters, making you relevant and know you’re there to do business for them. The importance of understanding Adwords grows every year. Google themselves continues to optimize the targeting to a point where they are one of the best at measuring intent. I'd expect more businesses aiming to measure and understand intent in the buyer journey in 2016.

4.      Video Engagement

Online videos have been a great tool for engaging your customers to understand what your business is about. Videos also help businesses reach them on a more personal level.

In a research, it says that Facebook users are seeing nearly four times more video in their news feeds than a year ago. It’s also apparent that Facebook’s driving Youtube out of Facebook. This information is significant that huge companies have been taking advantage of for the past year, and this is a trend that will surely prevail this year. Enabled by trend #2, video on mobile will become a key engagement mechanism in 2016.


5.       Blockchain

Last but not the least is Blockchain. While Bitcoin boomed in 2014, Blockchain maybe the next year’s top trend as more businesses use Bitcoin.  Blockchain builds software that allows the usage of Bitcoin safe, easy, and secure for all consumers and businesses anywhere in the world. In the past year alone, I've worked with clients to explore the application of Blockchain in medical, IOT, Trade Finance and yes, Core and Central Banking.

2016 is about to get more exciting for businesses as more tools to make life easier are made available to them. What about you? Which digital trends do you think will triumph this year?


Sources: [1]