Top 5 Tips for Self-Publishing Your Book

Top 5 tips for Self Publishing

The self-publishing journey from Scott Bales

For anyone that is yet to embark on the journey of writing and self-publishing a book, I encourage you to not waste another second. Self-publishing is an amazing journey. For my first journey as an author, I chose self-publishing. Now is the moment to start. I took far too long to bring this book to the shelves. Full of excuses, distractions and juggling far too many balls in the air, my book project always seemed to fall to the bottom of my priorities. Maybe I just wasn't meant to be an author. My turning points was when I finally admitted to myself that writing a book is the ultimate expression in my point of view. Whether you right, wrong, or completely crazy, you have to learn there comes a point where you draw a line in the sand. Its time to put pen to paper, and bolding call yourself an author.

So if you’ve got a book idea, START NOW.

Self-publishing your first book, will change you.

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