The Top 5 Mobile Trends Right Now

The mobile industry is truly the thing to watch out for in this day and age where people can stay connected to the Internet and to each other 24/7 thanks to the advancements in wireless mobile technology. If there is one thing that we can expect from the mobile industry, it will be continual and rapid growth. As observed in the Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona, Spain, here are the top five mobile trends that we can expect to unfold in the next few months.

The Internet of Everything Cisco, one of the leading names in the global tech scene, defines The Internet of Everything or IoE as “bringing together people, process, data, and things to make networked connections more relevant and valuable than ever before, turning information into actions that create new capabilities, richer experiences, and incredible economic opportunity.” While this definition might be peppered with too much industry jargon for the lay person, IoE is essentially bridging the gap between machine to machine, person to machine, and person to person connections. Telecommunications companies are investing in infrastructure that will allow them to connect everything that can be connected, which may include the things we wear on our bodies.

Connecting the World Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is at the forefront of the movement to connect the world by bringing his ultra-popular Facebook and Internet access to the developing world. Zuckerberg believes that free Internet access can connect different parts of the world. However this does not come from a purely philanthropic motive. While Facebook has done particularly well for a social networking site, growth in some parts of the globe has been hindered by the lack of Internet access. Thus, bringing Internet access to remote parts of the world (surprisingly, including India where only 13% of the massive population has access to the Internet and Facebook) will allow Facebook to expand. Whether the motive is purely business or social responsibility, we can definitely look forward to a wider Internet for everyone.

The Appification of Everything The Appification of Everything will definitely change the digital landscape. Hardware (such as smartphones, computers, smart TVs, smart appliances) are no longer the star of the show. Hardware is now the platform where developers and innovators can build on, through useful, relevant, and well-designed apps. This trend, the appification of everything will emphasize that every app can be monetized, marketed, and measured. Say goodbye to the prominence of “branded” hardware.

Mobile Payments One of these days, it would be possible to leave the house with only your smartphone, especially since you can now use your iPhone or Android device to pay for your purchases at the store. More and more financial institutions and stores are working on providing mobile payment services for their customers. Newer smartphones actually come with built-in support for Near Field Communication (NFC), the backbone of mobile commerce.

Big & Small Teams In the past, the tech industry seemed to be divided into David and Goliath camps but not anymore. More and more tech giants such as Google and Facebook are teaming up with small start-ups to develop new apps or services that can accompany the existing features of the bigger company.

What mobile trend do you think will have the biggest impact in the future?