The Top Tool for a Digital Nomad

A year and half ago, industry thought leader and global nomad Mike Walsh wrote one of my favourite blog posts of all time, titled 'The Global Nomad Survival Guide.' The piece is a simple, yet practical guide to getting the most out of your time and resources as a global nomad. Something that I could deeply relate to. But the recent collapse of Blackberry has left a huge hole in the survival kit. I love exploring the world, but I'm also an extrovert. So my source of energy comes from connecting with people, making communication a critical part of a healthy life.

Over the past year I've made several experiments on managing communications in a life that can see a dozen countries a month. Everything from budget phones, multiple tablets and even hotspot devices. The experiments built up, and the graveyard of devices also grew (luckily for me I found Carousell to offload all the excess devices). Nothing was filling that void successfully. I don't often sing the praises of particular gadgets, mainly because most don't last too long as I move to the newer models quickly.

For those of you that don't know me, the most essential parts of my daily life are in my backpack, which contains a collection of tools that enable my ability to capture, collect, communicate and produce. In my backpack you'll find:

  1. Macbook Pro Retina; The corner stone of my productive world
  2. iPad Air; my primary consumption device, also the home of my essential apps Evernote, Podio, Flipboard and Facebook
  3. Kindle Paperwhite: My reading escape, deliberately the wifi  only version
  4. iPod Nano: with a huge bank of the daily podcasts I consume, moved these off my iPhone to enjoy focused listening time.
  5. Canon EOS M: My creative expression for photo and video
  6. 10,00 mAh Power Bank: Why can't companies make devices with more efficient batteries?
  7. 11 SIM cards: Prepaid of course, for the primary countries I regularly visit
  8. Multiple Micro SD cards
  9. Bose Earphones; Perfect for creating the escape for the consumption of podcasts or music
  10. Ebook Vouchers for Mobile Ready; you never know when you'll meet someone that wants a copy of the book.

I'd include my iPhone in the above list, but it rarely resides inside my bag. Plus the inclusion of the M7 chip in the 5s has me addicted to ensuring I capture movement data for FitBit.

My most recent experiment to enable my nomad life came with a surprising success, I found a tool that enables strong ties to my home country communications, while tapping me into the local ecosystems of the countries I travel. As my second phone, I still maintain an android device that is purely business focused. That second phone was for some months the Xiaomi Redmi, but that device is now taking a back seat with the inclusion my my latest tool; the Sony T2 Ultra Dual. A 6 inch Dual SIM, Android Phablet. Perfect for high frequency tweeting, emails on the road and even content consumption.

Sony T2 Ultra Dual

The best part about the device, is all my connections to my number in my home country of Singapore remain active, but with the insertion of a local prepaid SIM in each country I visit I get the continuity of service through data at local rates. WhatsApp, Telegram, Podio, Instagram, all just keep working. Loving it, I'm now a convert for Dual SIM phones, or in this case phablet.

So if you're a digital nomad looking for a device to travel the world with, take a glance at Sony's T2 Ultra Dual. A Digital Nomads dream.

Might even check out the QX-100 to turn it into a proper camera and ditch the EOS M