Cool Cross-Promotional App

If you've found a lack in motivation to exercise after a flight, a new forward thinking app is aiming to be a motivator.

The BalticMiles loyalty programme rewards air travellers who burn the calorie count equal to the air miles of their last flight through sport within 24 hours after landing. The app "Burn the Miles" connects users' miles accounts with sports trackers such as Nike+, which are worn in shoes and armbands to measure the calories burnt. The app displays the current ratio between the miles of the last flight and the burnt calories, as well as the time remaining to burn the remainder. If users are successful, they can share the time and calorie amount on social networks.

Selected frequent travelers from the program have already tested the app, and in coming weeks we will run a competition where the winners can try the updated version of Burn the Miles beta.

Get ready to share your fitness and health tips during the competition, and you could be one of the lucky members to get an exclusive opportunity to try the new app or win prizes!

As services like Nike+ open up their data through APIs, third parties can plug in for some interesting uses of the data. I'd suggest Baltic is an early mover in the cross-integration space to gameify different components of life. Entrenching the mobile device a key enabler of brand engagement.

Love it!