Startups, Entrepreneurs To Rule The World

Read my latest, tongue in check piece on disruptive innovation for PV Pixels. In the past decade we’ve seen entire industries face huge transformations, as the digital economy and behavioral change forces entrepreneurs and innovators to ask the question, “How Can We Transform Entire Industries?” can be sure there are dozens of entrepreneurs and startups  out there building disruptive products aimed directly at you.

One of the best ways to look at the possibilities of transformation is to ask yourself, what is a book? At first glance is appears to be a fairly simplistic, straight-forward question. Historical norms would suggest everyone knows what a book is. But do they really? Over the centuries, books were made out of paper, a physical fusion of paper and ink. While production methods evolved, they remained based on the same idea of producing a physical object for distribution and consumption. The creation of the cassette tape gave birth to audiobooks, and millions listened to Tony Robbins on their walkman or in their car during theirdaily commute. Then came eBooks, quite popular first as PDF style documents or readers like Amazon’s Kindle. The book industry is one of the best ways to show the variations in levels of innovations.

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