Smartphone Use in Our Daily Lives

Smartphone Consumer Behavior

We live in the era of technology, where everything around us is connected to our smartphone in one way, or another. Things that were manually done just a decade ago can now be done using our smartphone, and it's changing consumer behavior. The phones that we use and see around us today can perform functions that no one had ever thought could be performed by a smartphone.

Smartphone invention and introduction was a means of bringing people closer by minimizing distances. But today, applications like Whatsapp, Viber, Skype, Line Messenger and Kik Messenger have further reduced the distances between people. No matter what part of the world your friends or family member is, he/she is never out of reach! And all these instant-messaging applications are absolutely free. So it is all about innovation and providing the best possible service. Similarly games being developed today are so hi-tech, advanced and addictive that they have widened the horizons of the game industry. In their 2014 Top 10 Best Smartphones outlook builds the buzz as we look to new devices, many entering the market around Mobile World Congress in Barcelona later this month, which includes Nokia's rumored Android Smartphone model. We'd also expected more Free Smartphones from Mobile Operators, as device costs decline, and demand for mobile internet inclusion increases.

Consumer behavior and smartphones

The modern smartphone has influenced consumer behavior as well. Companies and businesses now use in-app messaging and mobile ads so that their promotion reaches maximum eye balls. In order to influence the consumer behavior, companies produce various apps, games and software for smartphone consumption. A single, well designed game can help promote an upcoming product or a movie like nothing else. Users these days love products which they can see, read about, connect to and use on their smartphone.

The extensive smartphone use today has even caused danger to laptops and PCs. It was only a few years back when computer used to be ‘The thing’ and it seemed that nothing could ever beat it. And what used to seem impossible just a few years ago has happened already. Smartphones have almost replaced computers and laptops! In the world of technology, new advancements and innovations take place every single day. The more changes a company introduces, the better commodity they produce. And users today have become so used to of this change that they do not have the patience of using the same technology or a smartphone for long now. So it is a vicious circle which is forever going on. The users demand new products and the developers try to produce them as soon as possible in order to compete with their competitors and to satisfy the customer needs.

Smartphones make your daily life better

Smartphones have helped every person in one way or the other. Students can keep in touch with friends, conduct their study related research online on smartphones and play games. Employees can keep their work well organized using various apps, prepare presentations, keep themselves managed so that they are never late for meetings and appointments, and there is also a wide variety of apps available which help them in their day to days work. Other citizens can stay up to date with the latest news, weather forecasts, upcoming events, local happenings, etc. Therefore, no matter what age, gender, profession and field of life you belong to, there is always a variety of apps available on the smartphone stores which can help you make your daily life better, easier and smoother.

The future of consumer behavior is mobile, specifically smartphone use... are you MOBILE READY?

Smartphones Consumer Behavior