SIBOS 2013 kicks off

feature_sibos_dubai This week I am in Dubai for the banking industry’s annual pilgrimage for SIBOS, hosted by SWIFT. The event, which is seen as a must in the year of bankers throughout the world, also includes the always-innovative stream of Innotribe. Where we not only hear from thought leaders in the space, but we also get to see the finalists in Innotribe’s annual Startup Contest.

“We are the innovation initiative,” said Peter Vander Auwera, innovation leader at Innotribe. The Innotribe experience at Sibos 2013 is the fifth; it started at Sibos in Hong Kong. Much of what Innotribe has developed is around process and its approach to thinking about innovation.


This year I’ll join the Future of Money panel on the opening day, where a group will tackle the challenging question of forecasting how money will evolve in the face of innovation, technology, cultural and behavioural evolution. Since SIBOS Toronto in 2011, the "Future of Money" has become a standard fixture of the Innotribe programme. With standing room only at Sibos Osaka, this session is a perfect way to open our programme – the first stop on our journey together.

Our industry is being challenged by aggressive new-comers who experiment with creative strategies and dramatically different business models. How can banks react? How can we make the ‘cake’ bigger for everybody? Taking inspiration from other industries, there are several choices: unbundle the current model and focus on excelling in one specific area, transform our institutions into long-tail business model organisations, or partner with the newcomers in the business.

My fellow panelists are:

Udayan Goyal, Partner and Co-Founder, Anthemis Group
Dave Gray, Author, The Connected Company
Dan Marovitz, Founder & CEO, Buzzumi
Patrick Murck, General Counsel, Bitcoin Foundation
Chris Skinner, Chairman, The Financial Services Club
Hank Uberoi, CEO, Earthport


NBA13 - Are You Ready - Scott Bales.001

This year I’m bringing key thoughts on the intersection of context, mobility and insight that have the power to influence the value of a dollar. Taking into account who, where, how and why in the question of ‘How much does this cost?’ when we chose to spend our hard earned dollars. Adding to that, I’ve brought Isaac with me, money now infamous characterisation of the pure digital native. Expect Isaac to be mentioned several times as a reference when tackling the question ‘Are incumbent banks ready for the pure digital native?’

I’m looking forward to a great week ahead. A week that should be full of highly productive discussions as we outline the industry agenda for 2014. But most of all I’m looking forward to spending time with some great people like John Owens, Aaron Oliver, Chris Skinner, Brett King, Uday Goyal and Peter Van. Great industry thoughts leaders that have become peers, mentors and friends.

Cheers to SIBOS & Innotribe