Samsung's Galaxy Getting Crowded

SamsungS4LaunchSamsung Electronics latest flagship smartphone has hit global markets, achieving record sales in the first few days. But what does the device bring consumers? Known as the Galaxy S4, or GS4, the device brings to market some significant improvements on last years global hit, the Galaxy SIII. One of the most significant physical improvements in the Galaxy S range is the increased optimization of the physical presence of the device. This was achieved by cramming a 5 inch screen (up from 4.7" on the SIII) into the same physical size. What it results in is a device that's all screen. Simply stunning.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't impressed with the S4's software/hardware feature set. There are so many features in this phone it isn't funny. From including an IR blaster so that you can control your TV or DVR when you can't find your remote, to being able to switch between web browser tabs by just waving your hand, this phone actually appears to bring some real innovation to the table.

Unlike its predecessors, the GS4 has to compete in an increasingly competitive space at the top end of the smart phone market. HTC has reinvigorated its presence with the beautifully designed HTC One. Sony has brought a tough competitive edge by making a stunning yet rugged device that is dust and waterproof. LG drew strong support from the Android community when it launched Google's current flagship the Nexus 4. And Nokia is trying to reinvent itself through its Lumia Windows line of smartphones. I'd make mention of Blackberry's recent attempts, such as the Z10, but they are yet to see mass consumer appeal.

1332756365_334971866_1-Pictures-of--Samsung-galaxyAdding to the dense competitive market, the Galaxy line has also seen dozens of new product launches as Tabs, Notes and Cameras offer devices with a huge variety of specs. Whether it a budget tablet or a top-end stylus driven creative tablet, Samsung has a Galaxy device for you. It's all about choice.

Samsung is known for constantly manufacturing a plethora of devices for all markets. It can become a bit overwhelming at times, which is the reason why manufacturers like HTC and Motorola are deciding to make fewer, better devices. But covering all sides of the spectrum has its benefits, and it seems like Samsung is not stopping.