Proof: Social Networks are Viable Commercial Businesses

Many of us would have read in the news today that LinkedIn(LNKD), the online professional networking platform, had an overly successful IPO with their shares going for up to USD 120 after opening at pricing at just USD 45 before opening. An astounding achievement for an small internet start-up, in a time where social networks come under continual scrutiny over their commercial value.   The success of LinkedIn's IPO now fuels the rumor mill as companies like Facebook, Groupon, Pandora, Kayak and other look to launch their own Public Offerings in the coming year. Could any of these repeat the success of LinkedIn, or are we witnessing a bubble created by first mover advantage. One this is for sure, LinkedIn's Market Capital has accelerated beyond many individuals wildest dreams. So now we can all get in on the action, as retail investors buy up stock in a previously dreary Tech Stock market.