Our Invisible Technology Future

Various trends around the world have been hyped about the possibilities of wearable technology, as a number of companies tease us with wristbands, glasses, shirts, shoes and more that include an element of technology

We've seen this in recent weeks as Google flaunts Google Glass, the Internet-connected glasses-mounted computer. It's also why rumours won't cease in discussing a possible watch from innovation giant, Apple. You may have seen your friends or colleagues wearing their sporting tech, Nike FuelBand or Jawbone Up or Fitbit, even though it makes him look like he just got discharged by the local hospital.


If you've ever seen or read a work of science fiction, it becomes rather clear as to why wearable computing technology is embraced with such enthusiasm. Aside from being more aesthetically appealing than today's mostly rectangular electronic devices, it is a step closer to the convergence of natural and artificial embodied by the science fiction vision for gadgets integrated into the human body, brought to life by the character of the Bionic Man.


We are still a some time away from everyone plugging electronics to their precious skin. But idea of clothing or accessories, like a pair of glasses or a watch or an LED-studded rubber wristband is currently more realistic. As technology starts to become a fashion statement. Anticipate a large majority of the world's fashion brands to consider some form of wearable technology over the remainder of this decade.

Wearable technology plugs directly into the trends around mobility, as services digitise through smarter, more powerful mobile devices. Soon our smartphone will measure our body in real-time, connected to services that will help predict stresses on the body that we never saw before, simply by wearing a t-shirt. Or bring insight to moments through the power of analytics in the cloud, through connected augmented glasses.

Exciting times :)