Nobody Wants to Steal Your Startup Idea

photo-1432888498266-38ffec3eaf0a It’s true that sometimes, when it feels like we finally found that billion-dollar idea for a start-up, we would want to keep it to ourselves. We are afraid that someone might steal it and make the idea come to life first before you do. Or, we’re simply not ready to share something until we know it’s all polished up.

In my dialogue with startup founders and corporates looking for innovation, I'm constantly confronted with individuals who passionately defend the secrecy of their idea. They believe that it must be 'ready' first before letting the world know it exists. This approach is ridiculous, and it frustrates me.

But here’s the thing: experts say you should share that brilliant idea. Do not keep  it to yourself. Let other people know of your thoughts.

According to Buffer founders Joel Gascoigne and Leo Widrich, the sooner you share your ideas to others, the more successful it’ll likely to be.

It may feel counterintuitive, but here are some reasons why you should share your idea:

  1. You need to know if you are on the right track. For you to ascertain that your idea is the right one, the first important thing to do is to validate it the soonest. Having conversations with your target market will help you know if your idea is the right fit. The longer it is for you to wait for validation, the longer is the risk that you’re working on an idea that isn’t gonna click.
  2. It will help your idea mature. Talking to other people helps you evaluate what things to improve or add on to your idea. Seeking experts' advice who had experience in the same field will give you more knowledge that will help you develop your start-up company. It will guide you on the decisions for what your succeeding action steps should be. I love spending time in California, as everyone openly shares what they are working on. Secrecy is not recommended and is frowned upon as it often creates more negativity for an idea, than positivity.
  3. No one can steal that matured idea and your passion for it. The worst that can happen, if someone copies your idea, all they’re copying is a snapshot of it. Since you’re the one who’s passionate to test, improve, and develop it, there will always be that personal touch that the idea thief cannot ever copy from you. Your developed idea will surely be greatly different from the initial one.
  4. Execution is the key. Indeed, this is the most important reason. An idea without execution is nothing. Also, everyone could have the same idea, but the question will always be: who can execute better? Only those who have the passion, work hard to make it evolve, and ensure there’s a market for it, will turn it into a successful start-up.

How about you? What do you think about sharing your start-up idea?


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