Mobile Campaign Madness: Hijack Customers

One of my recent favorite uses of technology for an outlandish mobile campaign has to be Meat Pack, the trendiest shoe store in Guatemala. It’s a brand known for its edgy, irreverent style and a store known for its special discounts in limited-edition kicks, including brands like Adidas, Nike, Puma and Supra. Meat Pack opened its doors three years ago and quickly gathered a cult youth following, becoming an icon within the sneaker-head subculture. They needed to launch a new promotion that lived up to their brand standards, characterized by innovation and always surprising to their customers. The solution was an innovative mobile campaign, edgy way to earn your discount.

‘SALE’ is old-fashioned. So we created Hijack, an enhancement for the official Meat Pack mobile app used by our customers. Using GPS tracking technology, Hijack was able to recognize our sneaker-heads entering a competitor store and then trigger a special notice with a promotion that gave you the chance to earn your discount. How? The discount would start at 99% and decreased by a percentage with each second that went by. The countdown discount sent people hurrying towards Meat Pack’s store to make the countdown stop. The faster they reached the store, the better the deal they got.

mobile campaigns; the future of marketing

Many malls around the world have seen mobile campaign technologies deployed to manage foot fall, location based adverts and even real estate optimisation. But Meat Pack seriously pushed the boundaries of what's possible, stealing customers from competitive stores. Creating a mobile campaign that not only rewards loyal and enthusiastic customers, but also grabs the customer during a known moment of product browsing. The campaign shows a great understanding of a brand that naturally understands mobile consumers, and the necessity to leverage context and behaviour.

What could be better? Capture the mobile prospect during that moment of impulse or research, and URGENTLY get them into your store. And reward them for the effort.

Simply a brilliant mobile campaign... let's just hope there were no injuries.