Is Microsoft going to save BlackBerry? Elop thinks so.

For those of you that whats Stephen Elop's keynote today at Mobile World Congress, there was dozens of references and visuals for BlackBerry Messaging (BBM). This comes just weeks after BlackBerry has confirmed that the head of its BBM instant messaging business, Andrew Bocking, has left the company. Is this a sign a deal is in the making? I counted over a dozen references to BlackBerry Messaging, but through the keynote and the presentations visuals.

"In the future, there is so much more to explore, especially when we unite with Microsoft." Stephen Elop, Mobile World Congress 2014


Following the initial day one download success, BlackBerry has confirmed that its now cross-platform BlackBerry Messaging service is to come pre-loaded on future Android phones. Which now could include the Microsoft Nokia devices

nokia-mwc-2014-2014-02-24-49With social giants such as Facebook and Twitter having already struck up partnerships with leading phone manufacturers to have their dedicated apps installed on devices out of the box, BlackBerry has revealed that BBM will be the next pre-installed offering you will find on your new smartphone.

The market has known for some time that Blackberry is a on a downward path, and Nokia was too only a couple of years ago. Could Microsoft collect the assets of both and build a new mobile empire. It would make sense given how far Microsoft is behind in the mobile

The BlackBerry Messaging novelty continues

Stickers are a fun way to communicate with your friends when you use apps like LINE and Facebook Messenger, and now it looks like BBM wants to get in on the sticker fun as well as the company has recently announced that stickers will soon be arriving for the messaging platform. As it stands the stickers are currently in a limited beta and there’s no telling when it will be made available to the masses, but we’ll definitely keep our eyes peeled for more information regarding its release!

Just like stickers released for Facebook Messenger and LINE, BlackBerry Messaging's stickers will be made available in packs of 20-25 stickers and will feature little tiny photos based around the theme of a particular pack. There will be sticker packs that are free to download and then there will be those that will have to be paid for (could this be a way for BlackBerry to monetize the otherwise free BBM app?). We’re not sure what kind of stickers we can expect for now, save for those pictured above, but BlackBerry has promised that BBM users can look forward to stickers that they can recognize down the road, such as stickers from your favorite TV shows, movies, and so on.


"Together, we can connect and empower people with one experience in a world that's mobile first and cloud-first." - Stephen Elop, Mobile World Congress 2014