Learn Lean from Me

Are you a entrepreneur, intrapreneur, or just have an idea? Then here is a great opportunity to learn the practical skills that will accelerate your idea, startup or innovation. In a rare workshop, you can learn directly from me. I have partnered with Learnemy, the online marketplace where you can take private or group classes from people in your community. I'll be hosting a evening workshop on September 25th in Singapore. Spaces are limited, so enrol today.learnemy-250-ce55b578dcac8b26e4f80fde054598ab

Lean Startup is a field-tested philosophy that provides you with a toolset to minimize failure and increase your chances of success. But what is Lean Startup, or more importantly, how do I implement Lean principles into my own company? Drawn from Eric Ries’ bestseller, this short introduction shows you how I drive successful ventures. I have been building startups for the past 7 years and have refined a practical approach to building “lean startups.” This is a science for transforming an idea to a functioning new business with minimal risk, wastage and learning.

Learn why hundreds of companies, from financial services companies like Moven to social companies like Instagram to large corporations such as Intuit, Investec and News Corp are using this revolutionary technique.

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