Healthcare Startups to Keep an Eye On this Year

The health care industry is going through some rapid advancements in technology, mainly around sensors, big data and wearables that open the world of preventive and proactive healthcare. Over the coming years the commercialization of medical technology, linked to the deep proliferation of data driven businesses will open the doors to entirely new approaches to health care. The new models will detect and sense even the slightest deviation from optimum health, creating gamified behaviors, lifestyle or environment management to get you back on track, which lead to a work of preventive and proactive health care. This has huge impacts for entire industries dependent on diagnose and prescribe (mainly drugs) model of today's medical systems.

I've spent the past few years immersing myself in the emerging trends of wearables, quantified self, and even bio-tracking, in the aim of uncovering the trends that will lead the industry change. At the same time, reconnecting with my Applied Science roots and proactively managing my own health and performance.

Let's look at the trends in health care for 2016, and list 3 health care startups to watch out for.

  1.  Condition-specific wearables

Indeed, wearable startups received a lot of attention for the past two years and some says it will eventually cool down but some condition-specific ones are still getting funding and will most probably hit this year. Some examples are Chrono Therapeutics (addiction management), ZetrOZ (pain management), and Owlet (baby monitoring).514408947


  1.  Telehealth mental health services

According to PWC, one of the top health trends of 2016 is Telehealth Mental Services. PWC says 72% of consumers aged 18-44 are “willing to use Telehealth Services, such as video conference, to consult a mental health provider instead of an in-person visit.”[1]

Three startups, MindCare Solutions, Regroup Therapy, and Breakthrough are a step ahead in providing for these consumers, all making mental health services accessible within a click.



  1.  Employee health

Lastly, a lot of employers have started looking for ways to reduce health insurance premium costs without compromising their employees’ health and wellness. Many are expanding their wellness budget to keep their team healthy. “In addition, many wellness perks are said to trigger increases in work productivity, which is an important benefit beyond the reduced premiums.”[2] Some startups are taking advantage of this trend such as Keas, ShapeUp, LifeDojo and WellTok.


Over the coming years I'll be playing a deeper role in the development of these exciting trends that has the potential to arm consumers with the information, insights and tools to have control over their health. And just maybe, we can unlock that magical 150 year life expectancy, and enhance the quality of life.

Which of these startups do you think will benefit you most? Share it to me below!


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