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It's amazing the buzz one can get from getting neck deep in a StartUp. Over the past year, my time is increasingly getting invested in building the one of the most exciting startup banks I've ever come across, Movenbank. The buzz has been so deeply exhilarating that I continue to push myself deeper and deeper into the mindset of a startup entrepreneur come hacker. Recent months have seen me push deeper into the toolset of Movenbank, Ruby on Rails. It's been over 10 years since I last wrote a line of code, but this time the journey has a more driven level of satisfaction. My knowledge edges closer and closer to that of our Ace Dev team, thanks to the help of Code School... I've pushed from Try Ruby, then Rails for Zombies. However this self growth journey has become an addiction, extending to UX Design, Wire-framing Tools and Agile methods. The rapid iterative approach to the build has a certain energy to it that inspire everyone to drive forward, harder and harder. Who knows, maybe at the end of this I may try some getting my hands dirty in a hackathon.

One thing is for certain, the amount of passion one builds through the process of creating something at high velocity changes a person for good. No patience for corporate process, policy or unproductive friction. Something that I've had the chance to preach as a thought leader, but now living and breathing it everyday again.

Today I attended Echelon 2012, the Singapore Start Up feast that sees hundreds of people converge to share thoughts on startup practice, delivery approaches, and witness a short list of Startups complete for the attention of investors and the market. I was fortunate enough to today to hear from some extremely inspiring individuals,

  • Scott Anthony from InnoSight. A man that never fails to amaze at he ability to turn something that appears to be intangible into something aligned, predictable and scalable.
  • David Kadavy: Author or Design For Hackers, Dave has a clear vision for what is takes to succeed... He inspired me so much, I ordered his book.
  • Dave McClure, a man that needs no introduction, venture capitalist & founding partner at 500 Startups. A serial entrepreneur with a no nonsense approach to startups and Venture Capital.

Day Two of Echelon is tomorrow... certain I'll find more inspiration to write about. But for the moment, I'm waiting. Just 2 hours to the kick off at WWDC.