Good News Story: Financial Inclusion from a different perspective

Recently I traveled to Karachi to see firsthand the success of easypaisa and MCB Mobile and was delighted with a customer story.

I was told the story of a Pakistani gentleman that was activated on MCB Mobile at the start of year. As per usual, he was activated by the call canter. The customer was pitched the MCB Mobile product and he liked the idea and agreed to register. Little did the sales team know at this point he is blind.

On a general customer service call he asked for some basic questions. The service team assisted him queries in the standard fashion. However, a few minutes into the call he said that he would need some further help as he was visually impaired. The service representative took the customer took it aboard to ensure a happy customer and guided him through the entire service. The service call lasted for approx 45 minutes.

The customer now uses MCB Mobile service through accessibility voice command software on his mobile which verbalizes the menu and all details helping him use a mobile phone. MCB’s first concern was the privacy of the customer’s PIN numbers. But further investigation found that his accessibility software is intelligent enough to verbalize the PIN as asterisks and not as the numbers thereby ensuring that the PIN is not heard by anyone in close proximity to the customer.

The customer is using the service regularly and has conducted roughly 50 transactions to date.

Its story like this that bring a smile to my face, as great customer service mixed with an innovative approach to technology creates a delightful customer experience for everyone.

Keep up the great work Pakistan :)