Giving Employees Purpose to Drive Innovation

We have discussed before how helpful maintaining a culture of innovation in the office is. But how else can you squeeze out more brilliant ideas from your employees? A part of what I’ve previously discussed, we should give our employees the breathing space, the play time, the freedom to what they want and focus on, and the projects they’re most interested about. As what we’ve said, these encourage them to think outside of the box which in return may actually contribute to your company. In my experience, employees cannot be forced to push the envelope on things they aren't passionate about. So by aligning an individuals passion with a strategic direction, you'll often get ten times better results.

Finding your employees’ purpose and passion

We've talked about before how important it is to listen to customer insights to assess what your company has been doing wrong or right. It is basically the same concept here. You would want to know what your employees’ purpose are, what they are most passionate about. These projects they’re most interested in may be worked in more intricately by them during their breathing time. The best way is to encourage these passions. This will definitely allow for new, more creative ideas to come in and lead them to innovate more.

Reward the great ideas.

Instead of pressuring your employees to create something extraordinary or getting reprimanded, there should be more of a reward system to be established. This not only promotes positivity in the work environment, but also encourages healthy competition.

Be employee-obsessed.

Know more about them.

Know why they are driven to pursue that purpose and offer them something that your company can contribute to achieve that. Remember that more than anything, a company that encourages employees to think freely will definitely produce innovative ideas.

What about you? What is your purpose and how does it help you innovate?