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Following on from my hugely successful first series of Lean Startup workshops, I'll be returning. Learn to take your skills to the next level, as we explore the topics of pitching your idea and developing engaging customer personas. This time I have the amazing support of some great companies who truly believe in the potential of the entrepreneur. I owe a huge thank you to these companies.

The next series of workshops comes directly from the demand requests I received during the initial workshops. Seems founders, entrepreneurs and marketers are keen to learn more about creating truly engaging empathy with potential customers, so we will dive into the task of creating strong customer personas. Equally there was a strong message that people want help building strong, impactful pitches. Learn to pitch your idea with clarity.

Pitching your idea

Can you clearly articulate your idea in less than 60 seconds? Learn how to capture the attention of investors, customers and partners with impactful pitches Enrol Singapore | Enrol Manila

Creating Customer Personas

Building insightful customer persona’s can ensure a meaningful connection between a business, the entrepreneur and it’s target customers. Enrol Singapore | Enrol Manila