Movenbank: Reconnect to your Money

One thing is common in all successful startups, a strong commitment to a consumer value driven mission. One that connects to our emotions at a deep level, shows us a path forward. Facebook was about our inherent need to connect socially, YouTube about us all having our 15 seconds of fame, Square removed the friction for Small Business to take electronic forms of payment. And now, after a years hard work by an awesome team, the covers are starting to come off Movenbank's mission. Two weeks ago, Movenbank's Director Product, posted this inspiring oath to customers: Our Oath

The financial crisis has exposed such a fundamental failure that people not only distrust but even despise banks. And so while you may begrudgingly hand banks your deposits, you find it difficult to trust them with anything else.

This need not be the case.

We recognize that the greatest asset that you have entrusted to us is not your money, but your future.

We believe in collaborating with our customers to promote and ensure their long-term financial wellness. To honor that trust Movenbank has made the following commitments to our customers:


Our solutions will always be aligned with and never in opposition to your financial health. You should never be plagued by countless fees, escalating interest and unannounced penalties. Every service has costs, but ours will be clear, transparent and as much as we can help it, few and far between.


Your financial health always come first, even if that means making difficult choices. We will proactively provide honest feedback and guidance to help you improve your financial wellness. Life is full of surprises and we want you to be better prepared and to know when you’re placing your long-term health at risk.


Our commitment to financial health extends to your community as well. This is not just about money, but about setting examples and having concern for your family, friends and neighbors. Just as everyday people educate others on the risks of smoking, obesity and lack of exercise, we believe those who are empowered should empower others. Sharing personal insights, knowledge, and success inspires others and contributes to the greater good.

You should always feel connected to your money, know where you stand, and know how your everyday spending impacts your overall financial health.

Missions with such deep value, and emotional connection, not only bind Movenbank around its purpose in life, but it also creates an ethos that customers can deeply connect with. That mission was today brought into an amazing visualisation as the team at Movenbank release 'Don't Be Afraid' a narrated video walk through our daily habits, decisions and fears, where knowing creates confidence.

Its true, in a world where information and decisions pass us every second. Our ability to harness the power of understanding and insight puts us in a position to confidently make decisions, especially with one of our most prized possessions, our money.

Today is a significant day for the team at Movenbank, not just because is see the release of the video. But it marks the day they significantly pull back the kimono to reveal their core mission and purpose. One which is reflected in the products the team have built, and those that are coming in the months ahead.

Does your bank stand for a cause that connects with you?