Connecting With the Un-tethered Mobile Consumer

Why this book?

There is no doubting the importance of being mobile ready to engage the modern consumer. With over 4 billion mobile devices globally, and rapidly growing, an entire new ecosystem has been created that binds is all together 24/7. The introduction of the iPhone back in 2007 only accelerated the engagement of that ecosystem as mobile apps in the millions flushed the market becoming the new ‘go to’ place for consumer, citizen and employee engagement. For businesses getting into mobile devices, the strategic gap can be quiet vast.

Throughout my career I have helped organisations execute stronger strategies in the ways of becoming mobile ready.  Most of the time the leaders of these organisations humbly concede they don’t really know what we’re doing. We don’t know if it’s succeeding? And we certainly don’t have any ideas on how to continue its growth.

I wrote this book for those who want to enter the world of mobile readiness, a tough new space for brand, channel, and engagement. My aim with it is to prepare you, the reader, with the right mind-set and technical know-how so you can stop believing the lies and avoiding the many mistakes others made before you. This is therefore a huge privilege and opportunity for you because in the process, you spend your money on things that will add value to your business, you get to understand more about your business and its core functions, you should find it easier to develop cross channels and maximize mobile ready technologies for conversion, and help you become more competitive in a much faster rate.

Mobile is about behavior, context, and utility. If you can remember this, technology as an issue disappears. No longer are you talking about operating systems, hardware, or device features. Instead you’ll focus on the elements of mobile that always supersede the constantly redundant mobile device world. We are never more than 6 months from the next Samsung or Apple smartphone. Only to be told have great, magical and marvelous the new model, or operating system update is.

But most of all, being mobile ready is a brave new frontier for the majority of incumbent businesses. It’s a big step forward in rethinking your engagement with customers, suppliers, and your workforce. It’s an inevitable transition in a world where brand engagement can and does happen 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I am telling you all these as early as now because I want you to enjoy the journey, be more open minded, and learn to embrace the future of your business.

All throughout the book are the many practical suggestions, tips, and techniques that shall be your guide as you go through the process of becoming mobile ready. Whether you're Coca-Cola, selling soft drink in Botswana, or Unilever selling shampoo in the United States, mobile devices will evolve the rules of engagement in your industry before this decade is out.

The Plan

I've loved writing this book, but brilliant book needs resources to come onto the market. So by raising $10,000 through this pre-order campaign, I will raise the money to push the book over the finish line and into your hands. I am aim to have this book out before the end of the March 2014... and with your help that will be possible.

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