Banjo | Enhancing Communities

I usually don't write on things that don't relate to money. But my trip to San Francisco gave me the opportunity to discover something that will take social networks and contextual mobility to the next level. The innovation I am referring to is Banjo ( Their theory is simple, aggregate the existing networks of Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, InstaGram and Gwolla to create a real-time location oriented discovery tool. Like many ideas the theory sound simple, but it's Banjo's execution on the idea that makes the tool so brilliant.

Picture this; your in San Francisco for a few days, just finished a meeting in Union Square and keen to find something to do for the evening. Banjo lets you know that three of your connections are nearby. One has just checked in at a local cinema to watch a movie, one just took a photo or a cool pair of shoes in Macy's while shopping, and the last tweeted she's is at a charity Photography exhibition. Nothing really ground breaking, but it does give you a location oriented view on your options. But here is the cool part, Banjo also shows that people outside your network have some insights to share. One person posts on Facebook the movie your friend is seeing is boring, while another stranger tweets they just saw Jay-Z at the Charity Photography Exhibition. All the intel you need to quickly discover your options and reach out to the appropriate person in your network. Banjo calls it Collective Community Intelligence. Personally I love it! It gives the digital generation a connection back into the real world. A tool that encourages community engagement by combining the best of the virtual world with the best part of being human, communities and social interaction.

I wish the team at Banjo all the best, and extend an open invitation that if they ever need any help. Feel free to turn my way.