My Samsung and Smartphones in Humid Countries

Are Smartphones built for humid countries? I think not... Anecdotal proof: my 3 month old Samsung Galaxy S3 died today requiring me to visit the Samsung Service Centre in Singapore.

My fault appeared fairly straight forward. What would happen is when I plugged in my phone to charge 75% of the time the phone wouldn't recognize the charger is connected and the battery would continue to drain. Some quick desk research shows is actually quite a common problem, with thousands of threads on multiple sites. In a majority of cases Samsung just replaces the unit. Sounds fairly painless.

The Samsung Service Center in Singapore however claims damage is not covered by warranty as the phone has water damage. Yet, I've never been swimming, out in the rain or dunked my phone in water. I know this, cause many of my followers would have heard about my frustration if I did. This leaves only the possibility of sweat or humidity... and if they damage phones, then its a design fault.

It is possible that Samsung's flagship phone, and its biggest seller in Asia isn't designed to with stand the tropical environmental conditions of countries like Singpore? Would love to hear everyone's thoughts.