4 Ways to Become an Ultimate Digital Influencer

Have you checked out Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites lately? Have you heard about the Arab Spring? Do you read comments on message boards and sites such as Reddit? If you have experienced all these, then you have definitely met a digital influencer at some point. A generation of mavens, weaving the narrative of events. Its these mavens that get ever the most obscure information to go viral. Creating scale, reach and resonance.

Digital influencers are set to rule the future in a lot of ways. They will be the mavens, the leaders, and the shakers. They can build obscure businesses up or bring the known ones down. They can shape people and their respective countries. They can topple rulership or create a new one. That is how powerful they can get. Take a read of Ryan Holidays book Trust Me I'm Lying and you'll get an account of the designed and engineered influence of the model era.

But the truth is, digital influence is more than about power, authority, and popularity. It is more than standing out and carving a name for yourself. More than anything else, it is taking precedence, giving yourself a voice and an opinion, and standing up for a cause that you truly believe in, in the hopes that technology shall make your objectives easier to share and infect others with the same mind-set.

I know, because I've been on a consistent pursuit of influence since 2009. The advent of Social Media and the reconfiguration of media control fascinated me. Triggering thousands of experiments, granted greater that eighty percent were failures, but they provided me a series of amazing lessons.

What Are Digital Influencers?

Foundation for Influence - Alitmeter

Simply defined, individuals with online influence are “digital tastemakers.” Through social media or content marketing strategy, influencers act as an impetus to their audience and define future trends.These roles have become pivotal, as startups want key bloggers and journalist in Silicon Valley to write about them. Fashion & Lifestyle brands want and will pay to engage these circles of influencer. And, in extreme cases, influence can be used for evil. Altimeter Group analyst Brian Solis has categorized three primary categories within the concept:

  • reach (total social followers)
  • resonance (frequency of publishing)
  • relevance (authority)

So if you want to be a digital influencer, I've have 4 tips for you. Tips that if a less tactical, and more a guide that apply agnostically to industries.

1. Understand that it is a privilege

Just because you are online does not have to mean you are entitled to it. Digital influence is a privilege, not a right, and that is a very important thing to remember since it signifies that it can be taken away from you. When you are aware of this, you become more accountable with your actions especially when you are online. Far too many influencers engage in meaningless battles for supremacy. While its great to have competition to drive and motivation you, it remains key to stay true to the type of influencer you want to be.

2. Define what kind of digital influencer you are

Digital influence is a very broad idea, and you can belong in any of the categories. For example, according to Malcolm Gladwell in his Tipping Point, you can be a connector, maven, and salesman. A connector is a person who has an incredibly large connection. If you are a maven, you are more of an information specialist, where you love to obtain and share ideas to your network no matter how small it is. A salesman, on the other hand, is someone who uses his charisma to persuade people to act on something, whether to buy a product, sign up a mailing list, or follow the business’s social media website.

3. Find your passion

I can easily tell you that to become a digital influencer, you have to be an expert in something. When you are, you gain authority and credibility, and it becomes faster to “influence” others. But it takes more than the desire to learn and be an expert to become a digital influencer. You have to know what you are passionate of first. This passion will then be one of the foremost reasons why you’ll never get tired seeking knowledge, sharing information, and pressing on making your mark online.

4. Practice consistency

You cannot be a digital influencer today only to let it go in the future. To be one through and through means to be consistent with your actions and decisions.

Sparking Digital Influence