Mobile Brands: A Practical Solution

As far as statistics will show you, going mobile should be a no-brainer. This is something any company today should do, without question. Why? Because first, everybody is going to that direction and, second, your competition’s doing it too. And for good reason too. Here’s why: - Right now, more and more people are spending much of their time on their mobile phones. This is because the fast paced culture that people all over the world have today demand that they be able to do what they WANT to do (i.e. socialize online, shop, check their bank accounts) without having to sacrifice or interrupt what they HAVE to do (i.e. work, school, be somewhere where no computers are available, or while watching TV). - There are more mobile phone units in this world than people. - Of the 4 billion mobile phones that are operational today, more than 25% of those are smart phones with apps installed on them. - It’s expected that sometimes in 2014, there will be a point that there are more people on mobile access than there are on desktop computers or laptops.

This is why – if you haven’t yet – you should start thinking about investing in developing your own mobile app. This will make it easier for your users to access your website’s services even without browser access. And with the growing preference of accessing the internet through smart phones, you’ll want to avoid the risks that come with accessing a mobile browser version of your business by giving them a more convenient alternative.

The whole strategy, however, isn’t just about building an app and hoping people download it. It goes without saying that, first, it’s got to be an app that works and people will want to use. But more importantly, the mobile brand that’s new has to be marketed within the context of the mobile world. And with the way native advertising works, this means having a separate marketing strategy for your company’s mobile department.

The strategy should entail working with third parties and advertising networks both on the internet as well as offline to encourage more and more people to seek out your mobile app. Consumers have to know that even when desktop browsing isn’t available, they’ll still be able to have access wherever they go.

This also means upping the quality of the mobile service. Don’t just build something people will download. Build something that people will use AND talk about. This, by far, is one of the most solid ways of marketing your service – by having people talk about it in a good light.

And with most other companies also going mobile, connecting with them through your native app won’t be so hard because all companies who have made linkages and connections with other companies (such as Facebook being able to log in to other online accounts), would want to have that connectivity in their mobile apps as well.

With other 90% of users accessing the internet and everything they do online through their smart phones, having a mobile brand for your company is going to be worth all the investment.

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